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RICHARD MUELLER, BREMEN (founded in 1919) is a traditional workshop for fine woodwind instruments located in Germany. We produce woodwind instruments, such as clarinets, flutes and basset horns.
Full overhaul, repairs of all kinds, modification of mechanics will conscientiously and carefully be undertaken.

Following fine woodwind instruments are handmade in our company:

- clarinets in Bb, A and Eb
- basset horns

These extraneous fabricates are in readiness for testing:
saxophones, clarinets, flutes, oboes and bassoons
made by
Yamaha, Schreiber, Pearl, Azumi, Jupiter, Selmer, Uebel, Buffet Crampon, Leblanc, Miyazawa, Yanagisawa, P. Mauriat, Keilwerth, Adler, Moennig and many other more.


basset horn

Richard Mueller, Bremen Workshop for woodwind instruments Prop.: Madeleine Mueller
Woodwind instrument maker
Saxophones, clarinets, flutes, oboes & bassoonRepair & service & accessories

Brokstr. 60, 28203 Bremen Germany Tel.: +49-(0)421-75843 E-mail:



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